Consider this my commitment.

Technology as a service...

Big Data, Blockchain, Articifial Intelligence, Quantum computing, every new trend leads to new services I may provide: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, software, platform, infrastructure today, and tomorrow? Brain-as-a-Service? To whom?

... Technology to our service!

Technological breakthroughs are the results of men at work. It's made to be at our service: not the other way round. Let's not forget it!

People first

Innovation with the human at heart is my everyday motto. Either when inventing the Empreinte Sociométrique™ to protect identity or when creating the Crumbl™ to securely store personal data, when building tutsht to process data enrichment for businesses or when originating the first consent management blockchain with Rooot™, my steps are guided by the desire to offer more efficient technology at the service of people. Let's make human great again!

Add ethics to techniques

Because developers should be more than tech practitioners, I'd favour ethical design over performance at all cost, especially if the latter means compromising my core values.

Business is business, but you don't have to crush what you believe in to achieve it.

Never mind the cynics!

At your service

Disclosure: this is me bragging...;-)

Today, I'm the founding CEO of Edgewhere for which I have filed several patents. Besides implementing one of our many innovations, I can provide consulting and development services to help building cutting-edge technological platforms and softwares in multiple environments (back-end, web, mobile, serverless app or no-SQL cluster among others) and languages (Go, TypeScript, Scala, even good-old PHP and many more), including most-advanced cryptographic or AI-related technologies.

To see a little of my (publicly available) work or contact me:

Also proud to be cited as one of the top-20 emerging blockchain with Rooot™.

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